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Search. Assess. Respond.

From maritime search and rescue to environmental spill response, emergency missions need speed and accuracy where and when it matters most. 

But, in fast-changing and uncertain situations, gathering time-critical information means even the most highly-trained people face significant risk.

Our emergency support services can now enable you to better protect your people and deliver a safer and more accurate rapid response – all at breakthrough cost, with the least disruption and risk to people and the planet.


for sustained surveillance


for situational awareness


for co-ordination of multiple assets on scene

Key Benefits

Coordinating a safer, more accurate response in the most challenging conditions
Reducing your risk

Central control enables rapid situational awareness before deploying people to high-risk environments


Live communications systems with rescue teams on asset, sea or land locations

Real-time data

Satellite-enabled systems for live mission management

Robust response

Proven UAS craft that can operate in harsh and remote environments

Case studies

Safe response

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How quickly can you respond?

We have rolling flight teams at our operational hubs so can provide persistent emergency cover that’s ready to go when it’s needed.

How long can you search for?

Our aircraft are high-endurance and by rotating multiple aircraft we can create a continuous search for when it is needed most.

How does the unmanned system help in an emergency?

The unmanned system is perfectly suited for long, accurate, search missions.  This enables organisations to triage situations and direct their valuable crewed assets – on the ground or in the air – to where they are needed most.

Pioneers in action

Flylogix Firsts

Flylogix has a pioneering partnership with Oil Spill Response to develop industry leading techniques for spill identification and quantification.

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